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Social Media Optimization

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Astiq Solutions Pvt. Ltd. our experts combine social media marketing tactics and SEO insights to draw the roadmap that helps to identify your targeted prospects.

you can create a network of savvy customers by connecting through your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances. You can share information, pictures, stories, notes etc. The activities on Facebook allow you to stay closer to your prospects.

If you’re not using Google Plus for your business then probably you are missing out something. Therefore raise awareness for your brand and start using Google Plus by posting relevant content so that you can share information with your business clients.

We will do all brand promotions and marketing of your business at this micro blogging website. Our experts will create a business account with Twitter and customize the account as per your website or business design or logo. Then create an alluring profile page with the given templates. We will also personalize your twitter account by sending an auto message to all your followers.

Get your business started on YouTube channel by making the most informative and entertaining video. Then we will promote it on your company blog, connect it to your email list by sending out periodic newsletter, connect it to your social media platforms, promote your company’s press releases, update online news and, run your video ads on YouTube.


Astiq Solutions Pvt. Ltd. providing full featured web services including B2B & B2C e-commerce solutions and acting as an offshore development center for overseas development firms.

Making a website doesn’t ensure that it will automatically get noticed in the leading search engines like MSN, Yahoo, Google, Alta Vista etc. "One may wonder the role of search engines in the concept of online advertising.

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